Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Writing Event, Part 5

A (Persia) name who sees only black + white.

Persia got up to see the sun rise. The last time she saw the sun was over 300 years ago. She did remember having one too many drinks. But why was the sky now green at 6am in the morning.

She decided to ask dale, because he knows that kind of thing. But dale just talked about cans and never answered Persia's question. Maybe he drank too much as well.

Persia got really upset and punched Dale on the nose. Dale wa strong mechanic and whacked him back! Then suddenly, Persia could see color!!!

Elf designed this video to be called the "Fighters who drink too much!" It became a hit in his toystore!

And suddenly the fabric of space and time ripped open as something horrible went wrong with one of Tony's experiments at a facility 5 miles away from where Elf was. In the blink of an eye, Elf is pulled into a realm where he must rescue a princess named Melda from evil Danan. Elf has no weapons except his battery-operated toyz. Elf then decids to make a sword made from the feathers of one of his peacock toys and equip it with 20 servos. Anyone who is hit by this sword is helplessly tickled to peeing in their pants which is exactly what happened to Danan, who was standing near the 3rd rail of the BART.

The End, of Danan, at least.

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