Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Writing Event, Part 1

A washed up fighter

He one was a big time wrestler - young, famous, made a lot of money - he was on fire. Time passed and he got injured and was old and forgotten.

He has a lot of friends including a grove of fish, squirrels, and birds that lived in the forest. There a man who decided to cut the trees.

The washed up fighter was stumbling drunk into the forest one day, kicking at the trees. He got into a fight with the Lorax, the guardian of the trees. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Luke Skywalker fell from the sky, breaking up the fight.
"Come on, guys!" said Luke, "I know you guys are both good. I will teach you the ways of the Force."
"To you, old glorious fighter, you will be able to fight once again with the Force on your side, fight for the greather good."
"And for you, Lorax, you will be able to harness the power of the Force to save your precious trees from destruction."
The Lorax and the fighter looked at each other, stunned. "That sounds like a great idea!" they yelled. "Teach us the ways of the Force."

Bubba realized he was taking the wrong medication. He figured out why he was cutting in and out of reality, and hallucinating. He decides to forget the suit and instead buy an aloha shirt.

P.S. Philip *please* put up the Last Words of Jesus art!

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