Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some random easy listening

I can't sleep so here's some music

AbJo: A guy from San Diego who is like an embodiment of bandcamp and soundcloud
* Hip-Hop-themed music
* Space-themed music
* Japan-themed music
* Really trippy music
* A touch of the old-fashioned music

Fat Jon: A trip-hop guy from Ohio who did work in Japan and Germany
* Mystery
* Darkness
* Light
* Technology
* Loss

Floetry: British soul duet
* Mourning
* Let Me In

Nefarious!: A young guy going to school in Hayward
* Summer Nights
* Love

Grooveman Spot a.k.a. DJ KOU-G: An interesting producer
* You, Music
* Hadesugiru

DJ Krush: World-famous hip-hop artist who pioneered the use of turntables
* Kuon
* Transition
* Aletheuo
* Elapse

Prefuse 73: Another hip-hop artist who also infuses a lot of electronic sound
* Girlfriend Boyfriend
* Long-titled song
* A really weird song

Otograph: An electronic duo
* Melodie
* Glitter
* Thsi song is really happy about itself

J. Rawls: This guy likes to mix a bit of jazz, soul, hip-hop, rap, and other stuff. He also leads a jazz band named the Liquid Crystal Project.
* From his early days
* Infancy
* Smile Again
* One of his band members has fun on the drums

And now for a sudden turn, some rock music:

Jonathan Coulton: Best known as the guy who did those songs for Portal.
* Math
* One of those songs for Portal
* An interesting take on fairy tales

They Might Be Giants: I'd say they are giants, zing
* Experimental Film

Steve Conte: A guy with an oldschool look
* Blues
* Stray
* No Reply

Some links related to the name Yamamoto

Man what is it with awesome people who have this name?

An admiral

A fashion designer

An architect

An MMA fighter

A photographer