Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Writing Event, Part 4

The man went to the sun and came back.

He is a sheep herder and when shepherding came to a space ship. He round up his sheep and made the sheep go in. It was a big ship. One of the sheep accidentally stepped on something to activate the ship and up they went. It was an exciting ride, and quite stinky, because of the sheep.

He became very lonely in his spaceship and wished for a companion. A mysterious girl appeared. He tried to get close, but she jumped into the sun and turned into a swarm of butterflies. He watched the butterflies fly past his cockpit window.

He said to hell with the butterflies and blew fire at them from his mouth. Then he turned to the sheep, remembered how much they stunk up his spaceship, and ate them all. He barbecued each sheep in a different style before he ate them.

After he barbequed each sheep, he held a sheep, he held a sheep in each hand and raised them high above his head in victory. "I am not defeated, I am not defeated!" he exclaimed. "Bring 'em on, keep bringing 'em on!"

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