Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Writing Event, Part 3

A short leprechon picking four leaf clovers found a pot of gold. He ran to the creek and fell into a time warp. Next, he found himself falling in a tunnel. He hit the ground. Dazed and confused...

He saw a girl dressed in a beautiful gown with a pair of glass slippers. She is heading to the palace to meet her prince. She needs to be back to her home by 12 o'clock midnight.

The problem was the whole world was upside down. The prince was travelling by unicorn but since everything was upside down he fell up and into space. There he began seeing debris from days gone by. First bell bottoms then poodle skirts and then derby hats. Curiously there seemed to be a girl tossing all these items out of a very deep drunk. It was like she was looking for something to eat.

She was presented with an award for making a mess of everything. And Dale was there to accept it in her absence, because she had suddenly taken ill after swallowing a gold brick. Dale's acceptance speach was cut off by the music.

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