Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Writing Event, Part 2

He breaths fire & stomp on cities

He like eating Japanese people. Seems like a hothead but cold-blooded.

He would perform for the Japanese people, in fact, people all over the world. He gobbled up one opponent after the other. He breathed fire; he was on fire.

This kid tried to save the city by planting a small plant in the middle of the city, but an evil man who has company tried to stop him or kill him.

Suddenly, the bad guy started floating into the sky.
"Whaaa? What's happening?"
"Stop your evil deeds!" said Luke Skywalker.
"How did I not see you before?" said the evil man.
Luke was wearing a shirt saying "I'm Huge in Japan" and holding a camera. And indeed, he was huge, at 6 feet 2 inches, he towered over the gaggle of Japanese fan girls who followed him where he went.

Fire rained down on the group, as Godzilla breathed firey death onto the group.
"I'll save you, Japanese fangirls!" yelled Luke, as he withdrew his lightsaber.
"Pshhhhhh" went the lightsaber, as it lit up in a green glow.
Luke jumped at Gozilla, hacking at his head.
Pop! went Godzilla's head.
"Pzzzzz..." went Luke's lightsaber again as he sliced through the bad guy's hand, chopping off the arms that were holding the chainsaw attacking the city's trees.
"Yay!!" yelled the Japanese fangirls.
"Ruke Skywarker, you have saved Japan!"

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