Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Strong One

A poem written in 10 minutes. I had the phrase "The Strong One" in my head for a while, but tonight after a Resonate prayer meeting I suddenly had a bit more to go off of and decided to use that phrase in a poem.

Too strong to lose the frown
Too strong to back down
Too strong to give the crown
He is the strong one

Too strong to lower the voice
Too strong to allow the choice
Too strong to rejoice
He is the strong one

Too strong to be wrong
Too strong to sing a song
Too strong to get along
He is the strong one

Too strong to stay the hand
Too strong to care for the land
Too strong to be a man
He is the strong one

Too strong to ever nod
Too strong to spare the rod
Too strong to trust God
He is the strong one


  1. I can relate to this poem. Inspiration moments are cool. If you got it, take it, and you did.

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  3. awesome Patrick. ten minutes huh. you don't waste time :)

  4. oh, thanks for posting so many cool things. i'm glad you're in this small group of ours, well, not so small group anymore. but that's great.