Saturday, December 10, 2011

Music and Performances

For the longest time I (Patrick) was mainly an auditory person, since my mom was less likely to throw tapes and CDs in the trash. It especially helped if they belonged to my brothers, further protecting them from being thrown away, which is why I know 80's music so well. Visual stuff, on the other hand, had a high likelihood of ending up in the dumpster. But enough of that. Here's a few neat songs and/or performances:
* Kazue Sawai: One of the most talented koto players of the 1900's and 2000's.
* DubFX: This guy is a sort-of techno artist who uses his own voice as the main instrument.
* Tune Yards: Her first album was made by playing all the instruments by themselves and then mixing them in her room. The result is a really rough and harsh sound with an air of mystery.
* Nefarious!: A young guy from the East Bay who goes to school in Hayward. He's already making stuff like this.
* Takagi Masakatsu: This guy makes videos first, then the music to go with them afterwards. He spawned a genre of "otographic music" such as this.
* Ryuichi Sakamoto: This guy is really big in the high-brow music scene I think.
* Shing02: One of the guys in the underground hip-hop scene who was lucky enough to have worked together with the late Nujabes.

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